Saturday, December 26, 2009

Facesitting Chairs and Queening Stools

Virtually all women love cunnilingus ( some love analingus, rimming and smothering as well). However poor back support and lack of comfort often means a failure for her to be fully satisfied. Muscle fatigue, back ache, reduced circulation may be more trouble than it's worth. We should be able to lounge in comfort while our "other" provides service to our nether regions. My chairs are designed at the proper height so the person eating out his wife or Mistress has their head in the right position. Tongue and lips are placed in a comfortable and natural position without the use of any ridiculous head slings or neck straps where nothing is needed other than perhaps a small throw pillow. I will show you in very easy to follow steps, at a very cheap cost, how to make a chair for a lifetime of her pleasure.